This rainy weather

Rain, rain, and more rain.  The roads have water running over them yet again, the corn and soybean fields are flooded. My poor fur babies don’t want to go outside. We’re all tired of the water.


My career.

In all my 33years in nursing I’ve learned a very valuable lesson.   You will never know everything about the medical field. While I have worked in various  Emergency Rooms, nursing homes, hospice, home health,hospitals, physical,speech,and occupational therapies, and mental health facilities.

I am a Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Dementia Practioner, Mental Health Technician & First Aid Responder. I am certified in CPR as well as CPI (Crisis Prevention and Intervention).

I would have to say that Geriatrics is my absolute favorite of them all. I love spending quality time with and listening to my patients talk about their lives both then and now. I love my career, it’s been very rewarding. I have received countless hugs and kisses from my patients over the years. All in all I wouldn’t change a thing.